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Martin | IT Manager

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Fany | Social Media Analyst

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Petr | Helpdesk

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PHP Back-end

Fundamental project logic

In this position you will work in a team together with project managers, your supervisor and other developers. Your task will be to develop existing applications we have created for our clients and work on new ones.


Social Media Listening Executive

Listening, analysis, improvement

We are looking for a new colleague for the position of Social Media Listening Executive. In this position you will analyze and evaluate information and contributions on social networks and other Internet resources. You will create reports and presentations.



data analyst with the joy of life

In this position, you will analyze data files, look for connections between numbers, analyze and interpret them.


Front-end Developer

Front-end with the joy of life

In this position, you will be part of a smaller agile Scrum team, where we also have a habit of doing code reviews. You will program new and expand existing functionalities of customized applications for clients or work on product development. You will develop the frontend of web applications in the framework Vue.js, Nuxt.js, sass, Tailwind CSS, webpack, versioning in Self-hosted GitLab, we also use GitLab CI, in which we check the quality of the code (coding standard). Furthermore, you will mainly help with the GUI, but it is possible to adapt the position to experience and wishes, so full-stack development is also possible, to participate in the design of solutions and the design of architecture.


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